Breeds of canaries: Harzer Roller

Breeds of canaries: Harzer Roller

Origin and history

Origin: Germany.
Original name: Harzer Edelroller.

Breed dating back to 1600. It comes from the canaries that Tyrolean miners brought with them as indicators of toxic gas leaks. These canaries began to imitate his water and tools that were present in the mine. Their singing therefore became unique. The first birds selected for this purpose were called by the name of Tyrolean Nightingales; over the years their selection has moved to the mountainous region of Harz, where the current breed is created.
LHarzer o Harz roller, selected in Germany, is the oldest and best known of the canary breeds. Its name harzer means originally from the Harz region; the name Edel means noble, pure, and roller is nothing more than the onomatopoeic sound of his typical song.

Canary Harzer Roller (photo

Harzer Roller canaries (photo

Morphological characteristics

Measuring up to 15 cm in length and very similar to a colored canary, it is however more tapered.
It is found in all chromatic variations except red: the most common colors are yellow and greenish.
Characteristic is the swelling of the throat during singing.

Singing and melodies

The Harzer can sing throat, with its beak closed or in a rolled way, being able to play 11 melodies:

  • Glucken
  • HohlKingel
  • Hohrollen
  • Klingeltouren
  • Knorren
  • Pfeifen
  • Schockeln
  • Wasserroller
  • Schwirren (bad melody)
  • Aufzug (bad melody)
  • Klingelrolle (bad melody)

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